How can enjoy the service?

  • Subscripción
  • The client gives the audio of the commercial or song to be certified (only if not exist in our database)
  • The audio is added at the PlayLogger system with a unique code
  • Web access to dynamic reports: by month, by day, by hour, detailed, etc. or adapting reports to the clients needs (custom)

Running PlayLogger

We follow the media that you need

  • "Hardware" and "Software" dedicate, development by Playlogger, to monitor and record the main media.
  • We extract from commercial advertisers "Audio Fingerprints", which will be unique for identification.
  • The audio transmitted by each media we extract their fingerprints and compare with the fingerprints in our database, for recognition.
  • Reports are generated when there's advertising found, detail or grouped by media, schedules, version, duration, etc.

¡¡Ready to compare with your original plan media!!